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The Northwest Community Forest Coalition is focused on supporting the emergence, development, and management of community forests in the Pacific Northwest.

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A Resource Guide

A Resource Guide for Community Forests Introducing the Northwest Community Forest Coalition’s Community Forest Handbook! Developed with input from coalition members across the region, this document covers community forest development from beginning to end.  Key topics include: Governance: Who gets to make decisions?Steps Required: How do you go from an ...

Economic and Community Development through the Mt. Adams Community Forest

Summary of results from the Economic Impacts of the Mt. Adams Community Forest: 2014-2017 Founded in 2004, Mt. Adams Resource Stewards (MARS) promotes sustainable connections between the land, local economies and rural communities in the Mt. Adams Region. From 2014-2017, MARS completed four timber harvests and three prescribed burns on ...

The Hidden Canyon

Klickitat Canyon’s proximity to rapidly growing metropolitan areas and popular outdoor recreation destinations fuel urgency around conservation.