Northwest Community Forest Forum

This event is over, but you can read a synopis here.

Forum Vision:
The Third Annual Northwest Community Forest Forum on May 9-10, 2016, will build on past years’ discussions to address common challenges and barriers—financial, communications, political, and otherwise—to expanding community forests throughout the Pacific Northwest. The presentations, panels, small group discussions, and networking opportunities will inform and advance the work of the Northwest Community Forest Coalition, resulting in clear action items for the next year.

Community Forests
Community-owned forests are a model of forest ownership and management that has the potential to provide both forest conservation and economic development outcomes. To be successful, it must be implemented with strong community support and clear management goals. While there have been a handful of well publicized community forests established in the United States over the past decade, there is a need for more coordination, education and access to financial and technical assistance for organizations  and communities interested in pursuing community-owned forests to increase the use of this model.  sidepic

This annual conference is a recognition of the opportunities for community-owned forests in the Northwest – Washington, Oregon, Idaho and northern California – a region of significant timber resources and high need for economic development. This conference will be the third annual gathering to bring together community organizations, land trusts, legal advisors, financial resources, state and federal agency representatives, and local leaders. Presenters and attendees will discuss current examples of successful community forests and the essential elements of a community forest – including a financing plan, governance structure and long-term management plan, and the existing and needed technical resources available to those interested in pursuing  community-owned forests in the Northwest.

Meeting Goals:

  • Elevate understanding and awareness of community owned forests as a model to sustain working forest lands in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of all elements of a community forest transaction, with particular focus on financing..
  • Facilitate the sharing of lessons learned and successes of groups pursuing and/or managing community owned forests.
  • Facilitate better communication and coordinated messaging around the benefits of community forests.
  • Identify gaps in technical and financial resources available to community forest projects.
  • Provide opportunity for professional networking and other informal information sharing.

Meeting Outcomes:

  • Increased professional and functional knowledge of financing, marketing, and long-term management among organizations and communities interested in pursuing community-owned forests.
  • Development of clear policy and/or administrative needs related to community-owned forests.
  • Development of clear action items and priorities for the Northwest Community Forest Coalition for the next year.