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2020 Virtual Forum Archived Agenda (PDF)

The NW Community Forest leadership team held the Forum virtually. The following describes the event and provides additional resources such as links to video recordings.

Seven workshops were held over three days, with each session, panel, and roundtable discussion presented for separate registration. In total, the virtual event attracted 327 session registrations from unique 120 individuals. The attendees included junior and senior staff from land trusts, the Forest Service, local community members, and professional foresters. Based on the attendee list, we conclude that many were motivated to connect with other natural resource professionals, others joined as part of ongoing education and training, and many joined as part of a broader coalition with a common goal of understanding barriers and challenges to community forest development.

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Forum Session 1

Session 1 recording:

Session 1 materials:

Presentation (PDF) Susan Charnley Community Forestry in the Western USA Final_102720 for posting_web

Presentation (PDF) Reem Hajjar NWCFC keynote_web

Forum Session 2: Community Engagement

Session 2 recording:

Session 2 materials:

Presentation (PDF) Julie Renaud Evans Community Engagement NWCFC Oct 2020

For more information about the Chimacum Ridge forest, see

Resources courtesy of Erik Kingfisher, Stewardship Director, Jefferson Land Trust

Forum Session 3: Silviculture

Session 3 recording:

Session 3 materials:

Presentation (PDF) OSU NNRG Ecotrust Community Forest Coalition Presentation_Final_web

Forum Session 4: Recreation

Session 4 recording:

Forum Session 5: Getting to Scale

Session 5 recording:

Note: Mark Welther presentation is at minute 30.

Session 5 materials :

Presentation (PDF) Ben Dair Rothfuss SNW Forum Presentation 10.2020

Presentation (PDF) Mark Welther 20201029_NW_Community_Forest_Forum

Forum Session 6: Wallowa Case Study

Session 6 recording:

Session 6 materials:

Presentation (PDF) Ackley East Moraine Presentation

Forum Bonus Session – Appraisal

Session 7 recording:

Session 7 materials:

Background on the CF program and Q&A on the 2020 RFP (a webinar in collaboration with TPL)

CF Program information, request for applications, & FAQs:

Community Forest Program Road Map (15 pages) (located on national website)

Community Forest Program Road Map Appendices (207 pages) (located on national website)

Resources courtesy of Candice Polisky, US Forest Service